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    Meet jeff obafemi carr: Nashville's next Mayor

    I’m jeff obafemi carr and I want to earn your vote to serve as YOUR Mayor of Nashville. Being born and raised here, now raising my children here as I’ve worked in executive, creative leadership positions, I’m committed to the everyday people, our neighborhoods, and all the businesses and organizations that make Nashville great… Learn More



    A fiscally responsible, common sense approach to solve the transportation problems we face daily, fulfilling the needs of our entire city, not just a few select areas.

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    Affordable Housing

    Practical and innovative solutions to fulfill Nashville’s low income, workforce, affordable and market rate housing needs.

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    Youth Violence

    Effective, collaborative approaches to decrease youth violence and increase positive outcomes in community engagement, education, and safety.

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    Access to opportunities

    Fair and smart growth strategies that incorporate a wider range of Nashvillians to the “It City” table, keeping our city a viable place for everyday people to thrive and be heard.

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