This campaign is essentially for an unexpired term of just over one year. As an experienced executive with over three decades of tangible accomplishments, my approach is to build on what I have unique expertise in first, and with priority. This will provide the stability and guidance needed to align local government with the people of Nashville in a way that is bipartisan and inclusive. Each of these policy areas will focus on bringing disparate voices together with best practices to achieve measurable results within 1 year.

Deliver a new Transit Plan :

As a daily driver and lifelong user of Public Transit, I understand the need to create an effective, fiscally-responsible plan that directly addresses traffic congestion and public transportation. I will do a rapid assessment of the findings of both Nashville Next and NMotion, as well as an Executive

Summary of the last three months of community engagement activities I was directly involved in via the recently defeated Transit Referendum.
As I am the only candidate that was involved directly in the leadership of dissecting both the virtues and flaws of the plan, and hence, joining Nashville in soundly defeating it, it is my ethical responsibility to bring back to the table the effective parts of the plan (cross town bus routes, improved bus fleets, synchronized lights, dedicated lanes and more), and create public/private initiatives that will first drive up ridership and promote a transit-oriented culture. We then will address a rapid response unit for potholes, and create a plan to fix bottlenecks with needed road improvements and smart technology to control traffic flow during peak hours. We will convene a panel made up of council members and traffic experts from across the region to cross reference best practices and deliver a transit plan that works for all neighborhoods. A foundational component part of the plan will be dedicated initiatives for Affordable Housing and Affordable Development that is transit-oriented.

Cut Youth Violence Rates Dramatically :

I created and ran a successful Youth Violence Intervention as the head of a nonprofit arts organization. We taught young people how to act out on a stage instead of the streets. Over the course of 9 years, 100 percent of our young people graduated from high school and enrolled in college.

As the only candidate who has created an effective model for deterring violence, I will intersect my experience with the establishment of a dedicated senior staff member who will serve as the Director of the Mayor’s office of Youth Life and Prosperity. They will be tasked with implementing my best practices, and creating a streamlined Task Force to produce a guidebook for non-profits, corporations, churches, and civic and social groups that can be a manual for creating success in programming and outreach. We will dedicate funding to all organizations that adopt a “Three I” model for engaging Youth: Inclusive, Interfaith, Innovative.”

Create a Comprehensive Affordable Housing Plan :

I conceived, created, and built Nashville’s first Micro-Home Community for the homeless residents of the former Tent City in 2015. Completely funded by contributions, it proved to be a innovative model that has been replicated nation wide. We have to create binding incentives

that make creating Affordable Housing attractive to developers. This plan must intersect directly with our enhancement of the Transit system. By doing so, we identify prime corridors where we can increase density. By increasing density in a way that is not intrusive or objectionable to neighborhoods, we then attract businesses like grocery stores in food deserts, restaurants and live/work/play spaces that are not only for the wealthy, but empower other areas of town that have been forgotten. We must place Affordable Housing across the city, to prevent de facto residential and school segregation, and partner with current housing specialists and advocacy groups to re-define “affordability” according to what fits Nashville beyond general federal guidelines.

Public Schools Assessment and Strategic Support :

As mayor, I will be—as I am now—a parent with 4 children in 3 different Public Schools. It makes a difference when you have a mayor that trusts the school system enough to educate their own kids. We have strong programs that work well, and we need to make sure the same education is available across zip codes.

Our focus will be supporting MNPS’s over 80 thousand students with sharing best practices, finding funding that supports effectiveness, and making cuts to any programs that are not bearing fruit, redirecting those resources to teacher support. We also must address the dietary needs of students, as well as funding for free and reduced lunch and after school supplemental education. Discipline is a vital concern, because teachers have to be distracted with classroom management over instruction. It is therefore important to intersect our involvement with metro schools with our Youth Initiatives and our Affordable Housing approach. In this way, we are taking an interdisciplinary model to government.

Fiscal Management & Opportunity Access :

Helping all Nashvillians lead safe, happy, and prosperous lives is an exciting challenge. It will demand that we live within our means and leave the city in better financial shape than we found it. As your Mayor, I will apply the same cautiousness and

common sense that my wife and I use in managing our own family’s finances to the spending, tax, and debt levels of Metro Nashville Government. I will institute fair, fiscally responsible, and smart growth strategies that incorporate a wider range of Nashvillians to the It City table, keeping our city a viable place for everyday people to thrive and be.